Rabu, 02 Juni 2010


Complex Sentence

A. Pengertian Complex Sentence
Complex sentence is a sentence with an independent clause and at least one dependent clause (subordinating clause). Subordinator such as because, since, after, although, who, when, etc.

For example :
- Nicky and Fitri went to the movies after they finished studying.

Nicky and Fitri went to the movies : Independent clause
after they finished studying : Dependent clause

C. Membuat Complex Sentence

Ada 3 macam kalimat dalam membuat complex sentences yaitu :

1. Complex Sentences with adverb clauses
Adverb clauses disini adalah memberikan informasi tentang time, reason, manner, and so on.

Contoh :
a. Time : the telephone rang when we sat down to eat dinner.
b. Reason : my boyfriend and I went to disco because he wanted to dance.
c. Manner : I followed the instructions exactly as they were written.

Penggunaan Tanda baca pada complex sentence ini tergantung pada clausesnya. Ketika adverb clauses diletakkan diawal kalimat maka clauses dipisahkan dengan diberikannya tanda komma. Namun apabila adverb clauses diletakkan diakhir kalimat maka tidak dipisahkan (tidak memerlukan tanda baca).

Contoh :
- Because jill was studying for final exams, she didn’t answer her telephone all day.
- Jill didn’t answer her telephone all day because she was studying for final exams.

Pengecualian : untuk while atau whereas harus meenggunakan tanda baca komma.

Contoh :
- One of my roommates studies day and night, whereas the other two like to party.
- My sister is an excellent cook, while I can’t even fry an egg.

2. Complex sentence with Adjective clauses

Adjective clauses : menggambarkan informasi tentang noun or pronoun.

Contoh :
- Students who have an average do not have to take the final exam.
- July 4 is the day when American celebrate their independence from great Britain.

Jangan meletakkan koma sekitar sebuah klausa kata sifat yang diperlukan untuk mengidentifikasi anteseden nya.

Contoh :
Students who work more than twelve hours a week should not take more than three classes.

Pasang koma sebelum dan sesudah klausa kata sifat yang itu tidak perlu untuk mengidentifikasi pendahuluan, namun hanya memberikan informasi tambahan tentang hal itu.

Contoh :
Michael, who works twenty hours a week, should not take more than three classes.

3. Complex sentences with Noun clauses

Noun clauses : menjelaskan suatu informasi seperti apa yang seseorang pikirkan atau katakan.
Noun clauses begin with one of these subordinating words: that, whether, if (informal), and question words such as who, which, what, where, when, why, how, how much, how often, how soon, and so on.

Contoh :
- Everyone knows that global warming is a serious problem
- World leaders have been meeting to discuss what action governments should take.